Home Is Behind, Venice Ahead

Pippin – whom you’ve seen in this post – and I went to one of the most beautiful cities on this planet: Venice, Italy. It was in March, so the weather was good enough, and the city was almost empty, which was amazing.

It took me a while to get down to doing this post, because I took wayyyy too many pictures and had to sort through them, and then I had to sit down and edit them so that they would fit into this post.

But now I finally have the time, so here we go!

This is going to be a post with many pictures, and a few anecdotes. Just as a head’s up.

We had a whole week, which was great, because it allowed us to see all of the city, to wander, to get lost, and find new ways to get where we wanted to go.

There are no cars in Venice, the streets are narrow, the bridges numerous and the canals beautiful.


The Basilica San Marco is more beautiful on the outside than it is on the inside, which is quite the accomplishment, because it’s beautiful on the inside too. Unfortunately, taking pictures is forbidden inside.

We took a look at the city from up high by visiting the Campanile.

The Palazzo Ducale.

The courtyard of the Palazzo Ducale.

The Bridge of Sighs. We took the “Secret Passage Tour” of the Palazzo Ducale, which included walking over this bridge. And we sighed, of course πŸ˜€

The lion is the symbol of the city. Which means it’s freaking everywhere.

Pippin found this really amazing bookshop, called “Aqua Alta” if I recall correctly. They have soo many books, in soo many languages! And a gondola inside the shop, filled with books.

One day, we got up at quarter to way too f*cking early (5:45) to see the sunrise from the Ponte dell’ Academia. Sadly, it was a bit foggy that morning, so the pictures are nice, but not quite what we wanted.

The Ponte Rialto.

We also went to Murano, one of the islands around Venice.

This thing is apparently made from Murano glass, which is pretty amazing.

Burano is another one of those islands, and by Chuck, it’s so beautiful with its colorful houses and the canals and boats!

We went to Verona on one of the days, and saw the Romeo & Juliet balcony. And cars, which was really, really weird after spending so many days on an island without cars.

And, last picture, because it’s cheesy, and perfect for ending a post about such a beautiful city and such an amazing vacation.

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