Wonder Woman Movie Review

I know, I know, I’m super super late with this, but I just didn’t have the time to write this post sooner… But I’m here now! And I’ve seen Wonder Woman three times by now, so I think I’m prepared.

And the great thing about being this late with the review is, I don’t have to care about spoilers. Here’s a spoiler alert anyway, for those who haven’t seen this movie.

    The Good:

1. The story

This is Wonder Woman’s origin story, and many of those can go very wrong very easily, because they spent too much time on the time before the hero becomes the hero, or too little. But not in this movie. There is enough time to learn about Diana, her childhood, the Amazons and their culture, and the background we need to understand how Diana sees the world and why she does the things she does. I loved learning about the Amazons  and their world. And after that part of the story was told, I loved leaving Themyscira to learn about Steve Trevor’s world with Diana.

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2. The characters

Diana is not only a beautiful badass demigoddess but also kind, good, and naive. She’s a badass despite being good. She follows a man she just met to save a world she doesn’t know because in her mind, it’s not only the “right” thing to do, it’s the only thing to do. Staying away to watch mankind destroy themselves because of Ares is simply not an option for her. Her first instinct in every situation is to try and help people. She values people not for their fighting but for their strengths.

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Steve is… Jesus, I can’t get over Steve Trevor. I mean, imagine being Diana, never having met a single man, and the first one you meet is Steve f*cking Trevor. A man who, despite growing up and living in a patriarchal world, a man whose first instinct is to protect Diana from the fighting, sees this entire race of warrior women and makes not one sexist comment. Even in the midst of the battle on the beach, he still watches and learns from the way the Amazons fight, and later uses it to help Diana. The minute he sees that Diana is a badass and a warrior, he accepts it, steps back to let her fight and assists in any way he can. He knows what he can do and he knows his limits. And I just love how he learns to see humanity through Diana’s eyes while also teaching her to see it through his.

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Every other character is awesome as well, well-written and three dimensional (although I’m not sure whether Charlie, Sameer and Chief are not a tiny bit stereotypical?). I loved Antiope and Hippolyta and Etta is hilarious and awesome. Doctor Poison is a very comic-book-y villain; I’m not sure how I feel about that. The plot twist with who Ares is, was predictable in my opinion, but I liked that they didn’t have General Ludendorff be the God of War.

Photo by Clay Enos – © 2015 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and Ratpac-Dune Entertainment LLC

3. The attention to detail

The Amazon’s armor is based off actual greek and roman armor styles. The Amazons have their very own fighting style, that doesn’t feel like what we’ve seen in the DCEU until now. They don’t fight “like men” (stereotypically), but fight together, as a unit, and it looks like a dance.

Photo by Clay Enos – © 2015 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and Ratpac-Dune Entertainment LLC

Diana, although she wears a very revealing and sexy outfit, is never sexualized by the camera. There is no typical ass-shot, no shot to show off her legs – you know, the one where the camera starts at the feet of a woman and moves up slowly to show off her body.

Photo by Clay Enos – © 2015 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and Ratpac-Dune Entertainment LLC

4. The impact

I had literal tears in my eyes during the No Man’s Land scene. Tears. And I finally, finally understood why some men are so entitled – I came out of this movie feeling like I could rip out trees and end wars and be awesome. Men have had that for years now, and I get it.

Jokes aside, this is why Wonder Woman is so important. We will finally have a generation of girls growing up not only with Captain America and Spiderman and a very sexualized Black Widow, but also with Wonder Woman – who not only teaches women that they can fight just as good as any man, but who puts great value on love. It’s a bit cheesy, yes, but it’s also amazing to have a female hero save the world with love and kindness.

5. The writing

There is cheesiness, granted, but there is also humor, and emotions, and badassness. There is good dialogue and character development and respect for the characters. Thank you, Allan Heinberg, for the fantastic screenplay you wrote.

      The Bad

1. The cheesiness

This is not really a bad thing but more of an in between-thing. One the one hand, it’s cheesiness, which I’m not a fan of, but on the other hand, why does cheesiness always have to be bad?

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2. The end

I don’t mean the part where Streve Trevor f*cking dies, because although that really sucked, I understand why they did it. I’m talking about the fight between Diana and Ares. Don’t get me wrong, that was a really cool fight scene, but I think I would have liked if they had gone with Diana having to accept that there is not God of War who corrupted men’s hearts, but that it’s just the way humans are. It would have been a different tone to end Diana’s story; have her learn that yes, the world is worth saving, but Hippolyta was also right: humanity doesn’t deserve Diana.

3. ???

Honestly, I can’t think of anything else, although that’s probably because I just really loved this movie. Every second of it.

Rating: Outstanding. It’s more than outstanding! It exceeded every expectation we had, especially after the mess that is Batman v. Superman (although Diana was the best part of that movie). It’s the best DCEU movie yet by far. I’m high-key in love with Diana. The acting was fantastic – Gal Gadot and Chris Pine have great chemistry and give us the best Diana/Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor anyone could have hoped for. I laughed, I cried tears of joy, I cried tears of sadness. I love this movie so much!

Thank you, Patty Jenkins, for bringing Wonder Woman to life in the best way imaginable. 

But again, I’m kind of biased, because I’m a woman and I’ve been waiting for a female-lead superhero movie for ages… Can you guys think of anything I missed? What did you think of Wonder Woman?


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