The Road Goes Ever On

While Sam and Pippin went on an amazing roadtrip through Scotland, I did some travelling on my own in August.

I visited a friend in Rio de Janeiro, taking a “small” detour.  started in Amsterdam then did a stopover in NYC for a few days before arriving in Rio. I stayed with my friend  for two weeks and she showed me around. On my way back I did a short stop in Washington, D.C.

This is the short version of my summer trip. I had an amazing time (and some not so great moments as well – like getting really, really bad stomach pains on the plane, which is something I could have lived without).

Let’s start with my first destination: Amsterdam! I finally made it to this beautiful city. Better late than never.

Afterward I left Europe and went to NYC, for the third time in my life. But this was the first time without my family and a very amazing expierence.

Also NYC has a beach! I stayed in an AirBnB close to it and as you can guess, I spent a lot of time walking through the sand and watching the waves.

Central Park is always a must-do.

On the last day it rained – so I went from bookstore to bookstore. The perfect way to spend such a day.

And finally: BrazilRio!

Beaches, beaches and more beaches…

The Botanical Garden

My new friend 😀 and Copacobana Beach in the background

“Oh misty eye of Rio below…”

Of course I had to visit Christ the Redeemer along with way too many other people (the weather was awful. But it was still so crowded!).

And, to end my trip: Washington, D.C.

“On your left!”

One thought on “The Road Goes Ever On

  1. The pictures look great. Now I kinda wish I could have joined you on your tour! There are so many beautiful and interesting places out there and I wish I could visit them all. Well, I guess I will try 😉

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