Game of Travels

As announced, here is the post about the rest of the holidays I spent with Merry and Pippin. My mom picked us up at the airport in Lyon and we drove to Bordeaux from there, where we spent one night and half a day to do some fast sightseeing. In the afternoon, we left for Bilbao, where we spent 3 days in total, one of which was spent in Gaztelugatxe. On the way back to Lyon, we stopped at Carcassonne for about 2,5 hours because the way from Bilbao to Lyon is f*cking long, and Carcassonne is f*cking beautiful.

1. Bordeaux:

2. Bilbao:

3. Carcassonne:

4. Lyon:

The Lugdunum Aqueduct

Place des Terreaux

The fountain on Place des Jacobins

As you can see, it was pretty damn cold… in all the years I’ve lived in Lyon, I’ve never seen this fountain frozen. Granted, I usually don’t spend all that much time on the Place des Jacobins, but still.


ICYMI: Merry, Pippin and I have started an Instagram account to rule the world from, without taking ourselves all that seriously of course, so please follow us @jungbrutalundgutaussehend so we can achieve world dominance and make the world nerdier? Pretty please?

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