MagicCon 2018

We missed MagicCon 2017, but this year, we made it! Frodo, Pippin and I were part of the staff for MagicCon 2018 from Friday, March 23rd to Sunday, March 25th, and it was exhausting but fun.

Marc Ferguson was not Master of Ceremonies (or at MagicCon at all) this year, and he was dearly missed. I really do hope they bring him back next year, because he was such a central part of this convention, and a huge part of what made it especially fun – it’s just not the same without him 😦

Lori Dungey took on some of the responsabilities as Mistress of Ceremony, the rest was given to Thomas Ritzinger, who was quite funny – in German. In English? Not so much…

The guest stars were:

Tom Ellis, The Devil himself from the show Lucifer – a show I recommend to anyone, because it’s awesome and hilarious -, who was very funny and quite charming, and very sweet to the staff.

Ian Somerhalder (Vampire Diaries) had a few important things to say, and liked to repeat them.

Craig Parker (The Lord of the Rings, Reign) was… well, Craig Parker. It’s very hard to describe his attitude, other than funny? He’s a very funny dude.

Dean O’Gorman (The Hobbit), also very funny. After missing him the last couple of conventions because he kept cancelling, we finally got to take a picture with him (sorry for the horrible quality of those, my editing program is not doing what I want it to do…).

Fili deserved better!

It’s a bit hard to read, but it says “All hail the Queen” on the picture Pippin is holding, and it’s a picture of Leia/Carrie Fisher

This one says “Long live the King” with a picture of Thorin. And Frodo’s not looking at the camera cause there was something super fascinating on the floor, I guess?

Kevin McNally (Pirates of the Carribean) was also in Supernatural, and neither Pippin, Frodo nor I recognized him in there until someone mentioned it… he doesn’t quite look like himself, though, in our defense.

Graham McTavish (The Hobbit, Outlander) wasn’t wearing a quilt this time (he was the last few times). He and Dean O’Gorman, with a cameo from Stephen Hunter, continued a somewhat tradition with a very funny video of them being held captive by (I think?) Mark Headlow. I’m not sure, though, it’s been two years since the last video… They’ve been captive for quite some time.

Martin Klebba (Pirates of the Carribean) looks a lot less crazy in real like than on this picture. He’s also quite funny.

Shane Rangi (Lord of the Rings, Spartacus, Narnia…) has worked on so many projects and has so many stories! Also, he’s super tall.

Stephen Hunter (The Hobbit) has been a regular to HobbitCon for a while, but I think this was his first MagicCon? Anyway, he’s a lot smaller than Bombur, especially around the middle.

James Cosmo (Game of Thrones) is a very sweet and funny gentleman.

Beverly Elliott (Once Upon a Time) started a bromance (womance?) with Lori Dungey, and it was a lot of fun to watch. Also, she has an amazing voice? And kind of reminded us of Molly Weasley, which is never a bad thing.

Anna Popplewell (Narnia, Reign) is not only beautiful but also incredibly sweet and funny, especially when on stage with Craig Parker.

Adam Brown (The Hobbit) still has the most incredibly stories to tell. And an incredibly cute dog.

We each got 2 autographs. We all got one from Anna Popplewell because we all grew up with Narnia and Susan played a big role in our image of women and how badass they can be. Frodo gave hers to a friend, because that’s how awesome a friend she is.

Pippin also got one from Adam Brown, and I got one from Lori Dungey.

Besides the panels, there were also a lot of workshops, including the Ring Choir, which was incredible as always, a make-up workshop on how to remove eyebrows, a costume contest that was won by a girl with the most incredible Belle cosplay (seriously, that dress was amazing!), and many, many more. There were a few book authors there too, reading passages from their books. They sounded kind of cool, so who knows, maybe I’ve found my next reading project 😀

All in all, it was an incredibly fun weekend with lots of laughter, and if anyone ever has the opportunity to go to one of these conventions, I can only recommend it, because they’re fantastic.

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