Weekend in Hogwarts

Ravenclaw vs. Hufflepuff

On the weekend of September 15th, we – which in this case means Pippin, Merry and I – organized the best (non-convention) weekend possible! Sorry, every other cool weekend, you can go home, we win.

Why, you ask? Because we went to Hogwarts!

Here, let me show you:

Let me start at the beginning, so I can fill this post with more than fun photos. Last year in March (if I remember correctly), Frodo and a few of her friends organized a Game of Thrones themed dinner, with food from the Game of Thrones cookbook and a quiz. It was so much fun, that Frodo and I started talking about doing one for Harry Potter, and sometime in July, we started making concrete plans with a list of people we would invite, what the invitation would sound like, etc.

I apologize deeply for the horrible cover-up of the personal info, but it’s the best I could do with the horrible program I have without going insane trying to figure out how to do better. Sorry.

But since Frodo lives super far away (*insert frowny face here*), and organizing something big is much simpler with people closer to you, first Pippin and then Merry started helping me. Merry is insanely creative and talented with a pen/computer (which is my weird way of saying she can draw like a goddess and has awesome ideas), and Pippin and I started making the detailedplans for the weekend.

It took place at my grandfather’s place in the middle of nowhere, which was a perfect setting. It’s a relatively big, old house, so there was room enough for everyone and the decor was fitting, although we added some more magical things to make it more Hogwarts-looking.

Merry added the idea of a night walk/scavenger hunt through the woods, so we ended up picking 10 creatures from Newt Scamander’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, printed them – thank the goddesses of the Universe for people who actually have the imagination to draw all these creatures and share them on the Internet so untalented people like myself can steal them for personal use (sorry) – and put them on cardboard in the hopes of protecting them from wind and weather.

Merry and Pippin both made riddles, one with an amazing squinx (seriously, look at that thing and tell me Merry didn’t do an incredible job!) to decide which way to go, and one with the treasure at the end of the scavenger hunt.

Merry and I decided on a route and hung the creatures up in trees.

We put these light-stick thingies (sorry, I have no idea what they’re called in English) inside ballons to light the way – sadly, this only partially worked and did not look like we would have wanted, but it was good enough for the first try.

Merry and Pippin  acted panicked and told us the Magical Menagerie had been set free by the Pixies, and we had to go find them.

The rest of the weekend we spent cooking and baking and eating a lot and having fun around the house, including a photoshoot with wands and robes/costumes so we could feel like Hogwarts students, although we are all way too old to even be attending Hogwarts anymore… but that’s not important.

I prepared a quiz with the most difficult questions – and some less difficult ones – I could come up with, and it was a success, largely because there were questions nobody knew the answers to (sorry about that).

For the quiz, we held a little sorting ceremony – including the hat! – but since we were only 8 people, two of which were the ones reading the questions (in this case Pippin and I), we only had two houses: Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.

All in all, it was a super fun weekend, and the decorations alone and preparations in general were so much fun that I’m pretty sure we’ll be doing someting similar in the future!

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