A Spoonful of London

Fangirl Trip!

So even though this was a few months ago, we thought we’d share with you some pictures and things from our trip to London in the summer!We spent 6 days in London, arriving on July 11th and leaving on July 17th. Our group was composed of Frodo, Pippin, Merry, our friend – let’s call her Legolas -, Merry’s mom and myself.

The pictures were taken by Merry or me – so the good looking ones are not mine, just as an FYI.

Let’s go!

We were joined by a special guest who made a few guest appearances:

This tiny Queen has crooked feet, which is why Pippin’s calendar also made guest appearances alongside her to keep her stable.

We did all the touristy things one does as a tourist in London and it was all quite fun. We were incredibly lucky with the weather – although I’d say a drought and heatwave don’t really qualify as lucky, come to think of it… but it was more enjoyable than spending a week in a cold and rainy London. (Climate change is a huge problem and I’m not trying to excuse it with this.)

One of the first things we did was go to the House of MinaLima. It was so very hard not to buy everything in that shop because they have so many great and beautiful and awesome things! If you’re a Harry Potter fan and find yourself in London, do yourself a favor and go to 26 Greek St, Soho, London W1D 5DE.

Afterwards we went to Camden Market and enjoyed some international food – I’m sorry, but I can’t really remember what we had, it’s been a while. We took pictures on the way there, though! They have quite colorful houses there.

We went to see the Greenwich meridian line at the Royal Observatory but didn’t want to pay money to look at a line on the ground, so we just enjoyed the view and peaked through the fence.

Can’t go to London without taking a picture of the Tower Bridge, so here’s mine:

We took a look at the Tower too, although we didn’t go in.

We walked past the Globe Theater as well.

They had this beauty outside – if we had more money, we might have spent it here. If…

We also went to check to see if Voldemort and the Death-Eaters really did destroy the Millenium Bridge.

They didn’t, thank the gods.

Since we’re on the subject of bridges: we also took a picture of the Blackfriars Bridge. We didn’t spot Tessa or Jem though, sadly…

Back to Harry Potter: Leadenhall Market was used in Philosopher’s Stone. Hagrid and Harry walk through it to get to Diagon Alley. The Leaky Couldron is a optician and painted blue, so either it’s even better hidden in the real world, or it’s just not the real Leaky Couldron! (Or we’re muggles, but that is unacceptable.)

Actual Daenerys quote here:

…found one!

That day, funnily enough, Frodo and I wore very similar outfits with inversed colors. We only realized after Merry showed us this picture:

I love that we all look like celebrities caught by papparazzi: Merry is too busy to even bother looking, Frodo is annoyed and I’m trying to play it cool.

We went to Covent Garden, too.

I think this is also where we took one of the only group pictures of the whole trip, which is kinda sad…

Meet Legolas and Merry’s mom
This is one of my favorite pictures we took. Merry and Legolas are nailing it and Frodo just looks like she can feel Merry’s judging loo

This is another one of my favorite pictures:

We’re kinda missing a queen…

Found her! Not sure how happy she is about Pippin refusing to give up the throne though. It’s not made of swords, so maybe she’ll forgive her… we hope.

Since we were tourists, we also watched a Changing of the Guard. It was insanely hot with half our skin exposed, so I don’t even want to imagine what the heat must have been like for all the people in uniforms *shudder*

Four melting hobbits, trying not to get heat stroke or sunburnt by hiding under an umbrella from the 70ies (judging by its looks)

We walked to Albert Memorial after the Changing of the Guard – thank the gods for trees and shade, because it really was insanely hot!

We did a bit of Mary Poppins exploration, too, and went to Saint Paul’s Cathedral.

That thing is huge, by the way. No way to get it on one picture when you’re standing in front of it.

From Tate Modern, the view of the Cathedral is great, though. And you can get of it in one picture, which is always nice.

We also found a telephone box! Not that they’re hard to find. But we needed to take a touristy picture with one to make fun of people taking touristy pictures with them. Cause we’re cool kids. Yeah

And of course, we did the Harry Potter Studios Tour! Put 5 fangirls and a fanwoman in London, they’re gonna do the Tour.

If we’re being honest, this entire trip was built around the Tour. We booked the tour first and the rest afterwards, because that’s just how we do vacation.

And I just realized we took about the same amount of pictures during the Tour than the rest of the stay… so the Tour is getting its own post. Stay tuned!

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