Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 – Reaction & WTF-Moments

We survived the week (including Endgame!) and also watching this third episode of Game of Thrones. I don’t know how, but we did. What a hell of a ride!

Let’s take a look at our reactions.

And as always: Spoilers are coming!

1. The calm before the storm, basically the first 15 minutes. Sam (the character, not the Hobbit, of course) is scared. And we are scared too.  Freaking out is more like it, to be honest.

2. Melisandre comes to save the day and brings some new magic skills with her.


3. The battles starts… and the Dothraki disappear into the darkness.

4. Edd dies to save Sam

5.  The Night King is here!

6.  Lyanna kills a giant and dies like a badass.

7. The episode turns into a horror movie, while Arya is in the libary and tries to sneak out without getting seen by the wights (bascially zombies).

8. Daenerys tries to kill/burn the Night King. Of course it doesn’t work.

9.  Beric fullfills his purpose and dies to protect Arya.

10. The Night King rises the dead… including the ones in the crypt. A lot of people saw this coming, because it’s logical, and kind of weak writing for no one in the North to have thought of that.


11. Tyrion and Sansa in the crypt together.

12. Theon protects Bran and dies likes a hero.

13. Ser Jorah fights and dies for his Khaleesi.


There was a lot of cheering when this happened!

Does this make her the Princess that was promised? Cause that would be hilarious!

15. Melisandre takes off her necklace and, well, dies.


16. After the episode


What a plottwist with Arya killing the Night King! What do you guy think about the episode?

We sat on the edges of our seats the whole time, but honestly we expected more people to die… (be careful what you wish for – the season still has three more episodes)

Rest in peace, House Mormont… And Edd, and Berric, and Theon – thank you for your sacrifices.


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