Merchandise Monday

It’s Merchandise Monday! Shocker. You’d think after doing so many of these, and one each week, we’d be prepared, but no. We are not. Which is why this is a quick post.

This week’s fandom of the… week? No, that sounds stupid. Day? Whatever.  Fandom of today’s merchandise: Marvel.  It’s been a while since we’ve done that, so why not?

And by the way…







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Agent Carter Season 2 Review

I know, Agent Carter‘s season finale aired weeks ago, but I had neither the time nor the energy to write a review of it. Now I have both, and I shall put them to good use. Or semi-good use. Or whatever. I don’t actually have to read this stuff, you do; so you be the judge of how good or bad this post is going to be.

Welp, that was a lot of babbling. Sorry. I’ll get into it now, without any further ado. Spoiler-alert!

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5 Cupcakes

Sorry for the late post! But I spent the last 2 days in the car, and there was no way for me to do this sooner. But I’m doing it now.

So, here’s yesterday’s 5 Fandom Friday: “5 Cupcakes“. We’re not going to do actual food cupcakes, though, but rather list the characters we refer to as “cupcakes” because… I guess because they’re sweet?

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