Top Ten Tuesday | Cover Theme Freebie

It’s been a looong while since we’ve done one of these, but oh, well. Here we are, right? This week’s (very late) Top Ten Tuesday is a freebie all about covers – and who doesn’t love book covers? We did a post with 5 Books With Great Covers last year, so we’re not doing that again. So how about 5 Awesome Covers Of Books We Wish We Owned? Which is my weird way of saying: here are 5 books we are frustrated with, because we already own them, but another edition is just so much more beautiful. Or books we read by borrowing them or the likes, and that are thus missing on our bookshelves.

(I know the freebie is meant to be about themes on covers, but I’m not quite sure we owned that many books that share a theme on their covers… At least none worth exploring. Sorry.)

Let’s go.


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5 Favorite Fandom Youtubers

I watch a lot of Youtube videos. And I mean a lot. Way too many. I should probably stop, it eats so much time – but instead of doing the reasonable thing, I am going to share with you some my favorite fandom Youtubers. Because it’s much more fun than being reasonable.

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