5 Fictional Families We Would Like To Adopt Us

In theory, this week’s 5 Fandom Friday is “5 Favorite Podcasts”, but we don’t listen to podcasts, so listing 5 is… complicated. But we saw a prompt in the comment section of The Nerdy Girlie that sounded cool, so we decided to steal it.

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We’ve done our favorite fictional fathers and mothers, so listing 5 Fictional Families We Would Like To Adopt Us is lining up pretty well with those. Shall we?

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5 OTPs

This week’s 5 Fandom Friday is 5 OTPs. Doesn’t sound that hard, does it? Turns out it’s a lot more complicated than we thought.

But we did it! We found 5 ships we agree on. Yes, they’re technically just ships, but since they’re our favorite ships in their respective story, they are kinda our OTPs. Because we feel very strongly about them.

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Shadowhunters – Series Premiere

In case you missed it, there’s this series of books called The Mortal Instruments, written by Cassandra Clare. They made a movie based on the first book, City of Bones, in 2013 – and it sucked. in 2015, they announced that they were making a TV-show based on the books, called Shadowhunters – it premiered yesterday, and since it is one of the many TV-shows we are looking forward to this year, I watched it as soon as I could, and now I’m going to tell you whether it sucked or was awesome.

Spoiler-free, of course! That’s right, no spoilers in this review. I’m just going to write down my opinion. No recap, no anything spoiler-y.

Shall we?

 © 2015 ABC Family

© 2015 ABC Family

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