5 Fandom Christmas Gifts We Got

Technically, this week’s 5 Fandom Friday is supposed to be 5 Christmas Decorations, but we don’t have that many, so we changed it to 5 Fandom Christmas Gifts We Got. Because Fandom-Santa was very kind to us this year.

1. The Hobbit Extended Edition Trilogy Box

We own An Unexpected Journey and Desolation of Smaug (kinda) together and got them signed at HobbitCon and the Premiere of Battle of the Five Armies, but they’re mostly at my place. And Frodo prefers to have the box-set anyway, so she asked for it, and got it. Now it’s standing next to her Lord of the Rings box-set, and it looks great.

2. Agent Carter Funko Pop Figure

My siblings and cousins got me this, and I love it! It’s cute, I love Agent Carter, and it adds to my ever-growing collection of Funko Pop figures. Thanks, guys!

3. A Supernatural Sweater

I made my mom start watching Supernatural because she wanted to know why I was so crazy about this show. She enjoys it a lot, and she got me an awesome sweater-jacket that says “Demons I get. People are crazy” in the front, which is one of my favorite Supernatural quotes. I’m in love with this thing!

4. A Supernatural Mug

Yes, I got a lot of Supernatural things for Christmas (and this isn’t even the last one!), but there’s no such thing as too much Supernatural, so yeah. My siblings got me this huge mug that has the anti-possession sign on it – hello big cups of coffee, tea or hot chocolate! Or giant mug-cakes.


5. Supernatural Season 10 on DVD

Like I said, my mom started watching the show, and because I have seasons 1 through 9 on DVD, she added season 10 to it for when she’ll need it. And for me to enjoy whenever I feel like it without breaking any laws, which is awesome.


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