Merchandise Monday

In light of Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie coming out this week, we thought we’d share what little Star Wars merchandise we own for this week’s Merchandise Monday. Or I own.

It’s not much, sadly, because, for whatever reason that I have yet to come up with, I don’t own any more Star Wars merchandise apart from this. I’ll have to change that at some point.

Anyway, here we go:


I got these R2D2– and Yoda-USB flash drives a couple of years ago, because my mom thought it would be nice to have flash drives that no one can claim to be theirs – and that look cool – for my books and short stories and stuff. Obviously, I don’t have enough books and short stories to fill two USB sticks, so I just use one for the German stuff and one for the English stuff.


I don’t know where she got them, but given that there’s about a million other fandom-themed flash drives out there, I’m pretty sure they’re easy to find.


I love them both so much that they’re also decoration in my room.


They’re both 8GB, which is huge for Word documents, and I’ll probably never fill either of them.


Still enjoy using them, though.


Thanks, mom! That was a really thoughtful gift.

Now, the other Star Wars item I own is this:


My cousin got this cute notebook-bag (is that even the right word? I can’t find any other…) for me for my 18th birthday. My laptop doesn’t go anywhere without its Darth Vader bag!

So, is anyone excited for the movie coming out?

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