5 Favorite Places To Read

We missed last week’s 5 Fandom Friday prompt and did another one, but because we like 5 Favorite Places To Read, we thought we’d do it this week. So here we are.

Gif lesen katze

1. The Bed

It’s the most comfortable place to read. You can lean against the wall, or a pillow, or you can lie down, or whatever. And your blanket is in close proximity should you need warmth and/or comfort.



2. The Couch

Super comfortable, and you can read it pretty much any position. Which is the way it should be.



3. Outside

In the garden, in the shade of a tree, is my personal favorite, but I guess the beach isn’t half bad, either. As long as it’s not out in the sun (or raining, of course), I’ll take everything.



4. The Train

Frodo travels a lot by train, and it’s comfortable enough to get lost in a book. And you seldom have as much peace as when you’re sitting in a train.



5. My Pouffe

I love that thing. And I’m pretty sure Frodo is in love with it, too. It’s huge and comfortable and the greatest thing in my apartment. It’s the best place to read or watch TV or even work on your laptop.


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