Merchandise Monday

It is time for yet another Merchandise Monday, guys. And we’re still on a break from Middle-Earth and trying to mix it up a little – which is why, this week, we’re going back to my childhood, and one of my very first “fandoms”.

It’s not what you might expect, I promise! It’s something new and different.


It’s a stamp set, designed by Cornelia Funke. She used the same letters for every first letter of each chapter for her Inkheart trilogy. I loved these books, and because I’m a writer and always loved to write stories, my godfather gave me these to use on my stories. There used to be an ink-pad with 4 colours (blue, red, black, green), but that’s been used up for years.


There’s an Inkheart/Cornelia Funke eraser. It says something along the lines of “story writing does have something to do with magic” (it sounds better in German), and, as you can see, I have not used it much, because I loved the inscription too much to let it be rubbed off. Which is why it still looks pretty much intact (the eraser. Not the box. That’s messed up from moving around too much).


And, last but not least, the pencils. I only use these on special occasions, even after all these years.


Again, the box is messed up, but it has moved 5 times with me since I got it, so it could be a lot worse.


I got the whole set for Christmas ages ago – I must have been 9 or 10. This is what started my craziness about merchandise, if you will, because they were the very first fandom-themed items I ever got. It’s been years and years, and it’s still pretty much intact, and I still love it. Who knows, maybe I’ll even use the stamps for the first printout of my latest novel? 😀

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