Favorite Supernatural Episodes

We ran out of things to write about, so enjoy this post about our favorite episodes of Supernatural. As you may know by now, we love that show and its characters, and because there’s about, uh, I don’t know, 10 seasons full of amazing and great episodes, this was not an easy list to make. But we enjoy wrecking our minds for you awesome people, and lately seem to be in the mood for making Top 5 or 10 or 13,5 or whatever lists. There is no particual order to these episodes, we just wrote them down in whatever order they popped into our heads. We’re not emotionally prepared to make a ranking as well. Warning, though, this post might contain spoilers, depending on how far you’ve come in watching the show.

Sacrifice – 8×23

I love that episode so much. I couldn’t tell you why exactly it’s my favorite – maybe it’s because everyone’s acting, especially Jared Padalecki’s as a very heartbroken Sam who has reached the end, is so spectacular. Maybe it’s because I love Crowley’s human side; I mean, it’s hilarious. And kinda sad. Maybe it’s because what Sam says to Dean in that church, that his greatest sin was how many times he let Dean down, and how he had to watch his brother choose so many people over him, makes me tear up every goddamn time I watch that episode. Maybe it’s because I find it heartwarming how Dean went from sending Sam on a guilt trip – again – at the beginning of the episode by telling him what he thinks Sam should confess, to telling his little brother that yeah, he said some aweful things to him, but there is still nothing he wouldn’t do for him. I love their brother-moments so much; the ones where they choose each other, where they are honest with each other, and work together instead of just side by side (does that even make sense?). So yeah, “Sacrifice” is definitely my favorite episode.

 Photo by Diyah Pera - © ©2013 THE CW NETWORK, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Still of Jared Padalecki in Supernatural

Photo by Diyah Pera – © ©2013 THE CW NETWORK, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Still of Jared Padalecki in Supernatural

Swan Song – 5×22

Well, of course “Swan Song” was going to be on this list. The writing, the acting, the camera work – everything was perfect. Chuck’s voice-over telling the story of the Impala, Dean still trying to save his brother(s), Bobby going with him even though it’s a suicide mission, Castiel fighting for the Winchesters and the world and standing up to both Lucifer and Michael, Sam fighting and finally gaining control over Lucifer, all of that makes for one hell of an emotional roller coaster. It may not be my personal favorite of the show, but it’s a close second, and one of the best episodes of television I have ever seen (and I watch an awful lot of television, sadly).

Photo by JACK ROWAND - © 2010 THE CW NETWORK, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Still of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki in Supernatural

Still of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki in Supernatural

Yellow Fever – 4×06

It may not do much for the story, but this episode is my go-to episode when I’m feeling down. I have watched it so many times, and it still makes me laugh. Dean is hilarious. And adorable. How can a grown-ass man be that adorable? Jesus, Jensen Ackles, stop with that. (Please don’t).

The French Mistake – 6×15

Now this one had to be on the list as well, of course. I mean, it’s the definition of Meta. And how many shows do you know who make fun of themselves like that? It’s a masterpiece. Misha Collins is hilarious. And it took me a few seconds to wrap my head around the idea of Jared Padalacki and Jensen Ackles playing Sam and Dean Winchester pretending to be Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles pretending to be Sam and Dean Winchester. Just look at that sentence. It’s a mess. And Jared and Jensen acting like bad actors was way too much fun to watch. And Dean’s reaction to Genevieve is hilarious – as is Sam’s, by the way. They must have had a lot of fun shooting that episode. So yeah, great episode, and definitely one of our favorites. In the words of the great Dean Winchester: “Amen, Padaleski”.

 Photo by JACK ROWAND - © ©2011 THE CW NETWORK, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Still of Misha Collins in Supernatural

Still of Misha Collins in Supernatural

Changing Channels – 5×08

Well, for starters, it’s the trickster, and who doesn’t love the trickster? Err, I mean Gabriel. I find it amazing how they make fun of so many TV-shows, including their own. Those “Grey’s Anatomy” and “CSI: Miami” parodies were spot-on. And Impala!Sam… well, yeah. It’s one of those episodes where you forget the high stakes, and if this is the first episode you watch of the show, you might actually think it’s a comedy. Imagine people’s confusion when they watch that and google the show afterward and go “what in the sh*t? They’re trying to stop the apocalypse? Then what the f*ck are they doing in TV-Land?”

“Changing Channels” – Jared Padalecki as Sam, Jensen Ackles as Dean, Richard Speight Jr. as Trickster in SUPERNATURAL on The CW.
Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW
©2009 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Mystery Spot – 3×11

Again with the trickster. But come on, it’s “Mystery Spot”. It’s so much fun you actually forget at times how terrifying and dramatic this episode is. Yeah, sure, Dean dies in 100 weird and hilarious ways (“These tacos taste funny to you?”), but can you imagine the horror for Sam? I don’t even want to think about losing any of my siblings one – let alone have to watch them die every single day, for 100 days. The trickster may have had a good reason to do this (in his eyes), but I find that episode both comic in a rather twisted way, and very, very heartbreaking.

Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie – 7×14

Does it make me a terrible person that I find Sam’s coulrophobia rather entertaining? Probably. Sorry, Sam. And although that episode deals with a rather important issue – children’s fears and traumas and the effect they can have, until long after they’ve reached adulthood – I kinda like the way Sam and Dean deal with. This is one of the rare episodes where they are brothers, and act like it, with Dean taunting Sam about his fear but still telling him that it’s okay and that he can kill the clowns. Now, the fact that the clowns fighting Sam near the end end up exploding in a cloud of glitter just makes it so much better. And Dean’s reaction to his little brother covered in glitter seems so genuine. I think it’s one of the few occasions where we get to see Dean genuinely laugh, and Sam just joining in because, hell, he’s covered in glitter, and, more importantly, his big brother is laughing. And it makes me smile that he got Dean the giant slinky that he wanted earlier, because.. well, because it’s kinda childish that Dean would want a giant slinky, but Dean never really got to be a child, and Sam is giving him a teeny-tiny part of childhood.

 Photo by JACK ROWAND - © ©2011 THE CW NETWORK, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Still of Jared Padalecki in Supernatural

Still of Jared Padalecki in Supernatural

The Executioner’s Song – 10×14

This one is more on the serious side. It’s a very dark episode. But Cain is in it, which is cool – I mean, have you seen his hair? It’s fabulous. And Timothy Omundson is so great as Cain, they should have had him show up more often. I don’t know how he does it, but he kind of radiates a dark power and the terrifying wisdom that comes with immortality. I love that, especially cause he was so much fun and nice and cool when we saw him on stage at Asylum 14, it’s almost difficult to believe it’s the same guy. That’s some great acting right there. Anyway, back to why we’re here, because it’s not only Cain (sorry, Timothy). Jensen Ackles did an amazing job in this episode as well. He’s still fighting the Mark of Cain, and watching Cain slip and start killing again (which is my very nice and naive way of saying that the guy turned into a serial killer) really gets to him. He doesn’t want to fight Cain, which makes that fight scene at the end of the episode all the more amazing. That really was one hell of a fight scene. And it just breaks my heart how he just lumps into his brother’s arms afterward and Sam literally pulls him up; goes to show you how broken Dean really is, and how much he needs Sam. And, because I haven’t said it enough times already, how great an actor Jensen is.

© 2015 The CW Still of Timothy Omundson and Jensen Ackles in Supernatural

© 2015 The CW
Still of Timothy Omundson and Jensen Ackles in Supernatural

The Real Ghostbusters – 5×09

Back to the fun side of the show. “The Real Ghostbusters” is one of those where they go Meta, and aren’t those the best kind? It has Chuck in it, and Chuck is awesome. It also has Becky, and although I’m not overly fond of her, without her,  Sam and Dean would never have turned up at a convention where everyone is running around pretending to be them, so in this episode, she’s a necessary evil. What we love about this episode? There’s a “Supernatural” convention! What more do you need? It has everything you need in it: one bad ghost, three even worse ghosts, cosplayers, dead people, and humor. Okay, everything you need in a “Supernatural” episode. I’m pretty sure normal people need ghosts and dead people…



LARP And The Real Girl – 8×11

Two words: Charlie Bradbury. And LARPing. Dean showing his dorky side. Sam in a ponytail. There’s a lot more, but those are the things that stick out most and make this such a fun episode.

Photo by Cate Cameron - © ©2012 THE CW NETWORK, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Photo by Cate Cameron – © ©2012 THE CW NETWORK, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Now, this is, of course, an incomplete list. There’s 218 episodes of that show, and every single one of them has something to offer. These are really just the ones we find best today. It might change tomorrow, it might change in a week, or next year, because who knows how awesome season 11 will be (no pressure), but today, these are our favorite episodes. And we would very much love to hear about your favorite episodes!

6 thoughts on “Favorite Supernatural Episodes

  1. This is a great list. I love all these episodes. Mine would probably be:
    1. The Man Who Knew Too Much
    2. Mystery Spot
    3. Clap Your Hands If You Believe
    4. Sacrifice
    5. Soul Survivor
    6. Playthings
    7. The Man Who Would Be King
    8. All Hell Breaks Loose Part Two
    9. The Werther Project
    10. The Great Escapist
    And Swan Song, and Brother’s Keeper, and Pac-Man Fever, and Monster Movie, and The French Mistake, and The Executioner’s Song, and Reichenbach, and FAN FICTION HOW COULD I FORGET FAN FICTION, and Hibbing 911, and The Born-Again Identity, and I Know What You Did Last Summer, and When The Levee Breaks, and Heart, and Meet The New Boss, and you know what, this list is impossible.

    Liked by 1 person

      • I know! I’ve never tried to make a post like this because it’d just get ridiculous. I loved all the demon Dean episodes, I loved the Soulless Sam arc, I loved the Trial Sickness arc…
        Season Ten. So good.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I must admit, although both the soulless Sam and demon Dean arc were fantastic, I’m too much of a sucker for happy endings – or as close as these two get – to have really enjoyed them 😛 I was always looking forward to them going back to human and Chuck, was I relieved once they were. So those episodes were never my favorites, although Jared and Jensen’s acting alone makes them incredibly good. But I love every episode with Jody or Charlie and I love Rowena as a character; yeah, she’s evil, but she’s so much fun 😀 so the list goes on and on, but we wanted to find the ones that would always make any list – the ones that we still talk about all the time because we love them so much, and that we’ve seen countless times


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