There Are Many Paths To Tread

It’s been a while since our last post, but now we’re back! Although, fair warning, we won’t be posting as much in the near future, as time is a precious thing between university and work and maintaining a social life, this semester even more so than in the past.

Anyway, Pippin and I did a 2 week roadtrip through Scotland in September, and now that the photos have been processed and sorted, I thought I might share some of them here.

Because we’re very smart cookies, we planned everything ahead of time as we felt that 2 weeks were not enough time for propper imrpovisation. But because we’re slightly less smart cookies than we thought, our intial plan to rent a car for more freedom was flushed down the toilet once we realized that we were not yet old enough to do so without paying extra. We then decided that busses would be fine, and bought a Scottish Citylink Explorer Pass – I can only recommend that to anyone who wants to go to Scotland and can’t or doesn’t want to rent a car.

We started in Edinburgh, where we had a day before moving on to Glasgow.

We calculated 2 days for Glasgow, which was unnecessary, because we saw it in 1…

After Glasgow, we wanted to go camping on the shores of Loch Lomond and even got a permit, but realized we were on the wrong shore for that after about 5 hours and 10 km of walking with our backpacks, which was when we decided that a campsite would be fine.

After that, we spent a night in Glencoe on another campsite (this one pre-booked, because we’re smart!). In retrospect, we should have spent more time in Glencoe because it looked beautiful and perfect for hiking, but we’d both caught a cold and did not really feel like hiking – which, sadly, also meant that we did not see Glenfinnan Viaduct or the Hogwarts Express. So this one’s definitely on our lists of must-dos if and when we return to Scotland.

Next stop: Loch Ness. Here we spent 2 days, which gave us enough time to visit Urquhart Castle, Inverness and Culloden Battlefield.


We then went to Dundee, from where we went to Dunnottar Castle.

We spent 1 day in Stirling, which was probably not so smart as we arrived late and left around noon the next day, which did not leave us with enough time to visit the Castle.

And then our tour ended in Edinburgh, where we had a few days to visit Rosslyn Chapel, do a free ghost tour of the city and watch the Riding of the Marches.

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