Éowyn’s Shieldmaiden Dress

Between sewing this masterpiece, painting, and studying for the finals, we haven’t had much time lately, which is how we’ve missed PotterWeek – well, most of it, and now it’s kinda too late to jump on that… but, hopefully, we won’t be this busy next year.

Anyway, since the masterpiece is now done, here’s a post about it!

Éowyn has always been one of my favorite characters in The Lord of the Rings, mostly because she’s a woman and a warrior, beautiful and fierce. So, after this year’s HobbitCon, I decided that I wanted to cosplay her at one point in my life.

The problem was, I don’t actually know how to sew, so I had to get my mom on board to help me. And because my mom’s a badass, she said yes, and so we began. We bought this pattern from Simplicity on amazon:


I chose different colors, though, to be as close as possible to the original, so the dress is white(ish) velvet:


The lining is white/cream so that it fits the color of the dress, because it’s inside the sleeves, and wouldn’t it look terrible if half of the sleeve was one color and the other half another?


There’s cream colored cord to wrap around the arms.


The corsage is dark brown fake leather, with golden ribbon:




Because it was easier, we decided to have a zipper at the back of the dress, but the corsage has to be laced together with black leather strings.


And this is what the final product looks like:





For reference, here’s the original:

Éowyn, as portrayed by Miranda Otto, in Lord of the Rings film trilogy (source: http://lotr.wikia.com/wiki/%C3%89owyn )

Éowyn, as portrayed by Miranda Otto, in Lord of the Rings film trilogy (source: http://lotr.wikia.com/wiki/%C3%89owyn )

The only thing I’m missing now is a sword 😀

And here’s the woman who made it all possible *epic drumroll*:

Sam, Frodo, and woman-of-the-hour Sam's mom

Sam, Frodo, and woman-of-the-hour Sam’s mom

How fitting is it that she’s holding Éowyn’s sword in this picture?


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